Throughout the year, we will offer retreats, gatherings, conferences & weekly support groups for women to connect, share stories, study the word and serve together.
The gatherings are a place you will learn the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, learn to love others and make new friends.
The purpose of IMPACT Women's Outreach is to deepen relationships by drawing women closer together, closer to God in community, networking with other ministries and local organizations.
Together we can promote unity as we work to accomplish more through shared ideas and connections to make a difference in our communities and our own lives.


*** The Support group ***
"Impact" Women's Support Group, is a resource for extending hope and healing to women of all ages & backgrounds by addressing emotional needs and encouraging spiritual growth, through faith-based programs we seek to positively impact women throughout the community with the support of Impact Women's Outreach & local churches, offering an array of resources to meet your needs!


****The Purpose of Fundraising Events ****
Whether we are Hosting Events or Securing a Vendor space at other events, we want to make and IMPACT in the community!

Here's two examples of why Events are important to us:

1. All of our funds come from fundraising events, vendor space rental, sponsors & donations.
2. Empowering women in the community to start their own business!

These events serve as a resource to encourage independent living by giving women in the community an outlet for self employment. There will always be an allotted number of "Impact Vendor" spaces at each event to help women in need, who want to start a new business.
If you are interested in applying for an "Impact Vendor" space at one or all of our upcoming events please send an email to and we'll send you the details.

If you would like to rent a vendor space at one of our events or make a donation, please send your request to the email listed above.


** Volunteers Needed! **
We are always in need of awesome volunteers like you! Please let us know if you would like to volunteer and we will send you a list of volunteer opportunities.


Phone: 405-294-2144